Java & Android Online Training

Java Online from Uttara for those who cannot make it to the live classroom.

Vikram Shastry

Uttara extends its support to those aspirants who cannot make it to the live classroom. The Java online program for Uttara is an innovative program which provides extensive training in Java programming language. The candidate gets enlightened through Java online program with the same level of expertise as in a live classroom.

Java Programming language – A preface

  • Java is the most demanded skill in the IT world.
  • It is a general-purpose computer programming language.
  • It is a concurrent, class-based and an object-oriented language.
  • This programming language is preferably used while developing many applications.
  • Tech giants such as Google, Amazon implements Java programming language to develop the backend of their websites.


The Java programming language has some outstanding features which have increased its popularity:

  • It is a highly PORTABLE language, which means that all programs written for Java platform can run on any combination of hardware and operating system with adequate runtime support.
  • The Java programming language shows better performance in execution speed.
  • The Java programming language uses an automatic garbage collector to accomplish memory in the object lifecycle.
  • Java is a verbose language and provides the flexibility of learning it with ease.
  • Job offers will keep flowing for your profile if you are a Java proficient.
  • Did you know that all Android apps are written in Java? Therefore Android Training + Java can make your dream of publishing your own app come true.
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