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Best Data Structure Algorithms Training Institute in Bangalore

DataStructure Course Details :

Data structures and data structure algorithms are the fundamental concepts about the way a computer stores data. When you need a detailed and well-integrated knowledge about it, there is nothing superior to UttaraInfo. We are the leading Data Structures Algorithms training center in rajajinagar, Bangalore with a fleet of most learned and experienced teachers and the best infrastructure. We make you well-versed with the way data is stored and accessed by the computer systems.

With a solid foundation of the data structure concepts, you will be able to visualize the internal operations of the computer system, the logical flow, and decision making. Even if you don’t encounter a situation in the professional world to write a code for a stack or binary tree, it is always advisable to have a thorough understanding of it. At UttaraInfo, we design our courses such a way that you have the perfect balance of theory and hands-on practice.

We teach you everything about the Data Structures

After getting enrolled in the Data Structures Algorithms Course in rajajinagar, Bangalore with us you should leave the worries aside. Since different data structures are relevant to different applications, our faculty decides the best course content based on your needs. Those who want to make the career in databases need to be well-versed about B-trees. Those who love system programming should get the knack of Hash Tables. We understand your intention and aptitude before suggesting the course. Analysis and design of algorithms pertaining to different data structures enhance your knowledge base

In the state-of-the-art computer lab of UttaraInfo, you get an immense chance of exploring and experimenting. With a wide spectrum of problems, you develop the best insight about it. After completing the course, you would have a good command over the concepts, usage, and manipulation of data structures.

Course Benfits :

With the most comprehensive and elaborated course, we make sure that you get the best value for money. Being the best-rated Data Structures Algorithms Class in rajajinagar, Bangalore we strive for delivering quality education. The course duration depends on your choice. We tailor it based on your convenience. Here is a brief introduction of the course content.

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Benefits of Learning DataStructure Courses in Bangalore

  • Introduction to the data structure concepts
  • Structured representation
  • Data types and their usage (Abstract, Static, and Dynamic).
  • Data structures (Arrays, Pointers, Linked Lists, stacks, and queues, etc.)
  • Advanced Structural Concepts.
  • Stacks (Definition, application, and operations)
  • Implementation of stacks using different data structures
  • Queues(Definition, application, and operations)
  • Implementation of queues using different data structures
  • Linked Lists (Definition, application, and operations)
  • Implementation of Linked list using different data structure
  • Trees
  • Graphs
  • Sorts (Bubble, Selection, Quick, Merge)
  • Heaps
  • Search techniques (Linear, Binary)

These are the few benefits that our students acquire from us, and still we are planning to give more benefits that should bind both of us for long period.

Our Traing Methodology :

Our training Methodology is quite interesting than that of other institutes, and thus our institute has become the top Android Training Institute in Bangalore. We provide coaching on Java and android as well.

These are not just the two subjects students will end-up with learning, but we even train html and other programming concepts like OOPS, etc. in our Android Training in Bangalore Jayanagar, in order to make our students perfect in the programming.

Not just Jayanagar we also provide Android Training in Bangalore Rajajinagar as well. This will assists students to become independent programmers, and project developers.

Our Training Methodologies include –:

  • We offer One to one teaching as well as one for many teaching experience, when students join at our Android Training Institute in Bangalore. This means that, our faculty is ready to teach each person individually, or in a group, depending upon the requirement of the students.

    For individual or private teaching, students will have to pay extra charges, when they register at our Android Training in Bangalore Rajajinagar.

    Also, these rules will remain the same at our Android Training in Bangalore Jayanagar.

  • Students will find a homely environment, as our faculties are friendly by nature and create a pleasant atmosphere by giving good examples using live objects which satisfy students and makes them build better relationship with us.

  • Our learning method creates more interest in the learners, as we use projectors, to display videos or presentations done using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • To make the learning much better, we provide digitalized as well as printed notes.

  • Internet is also a part of our teaching method, where they can takeout printout of the notes from our website, as well as from other blogs or articles to learn better. However, we also provide digitalized and printed course materials too, to help students learn better.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Who is eligible to learn Android Courses in Bangalore ?
  • Is there any loan facility at Android Training in Bangalore Rajajinagar ?
  • How can Android Training in Bangalore Jayanagar help to get better career ?
  • Can I get Certificate after completion of the course ?
  • How many batches are available per day ?
  • Can I attend the next batch, if I miss the class ?
  • Are you going to conduct tests, and what happens if I miss the test ?
  • Are there any hidden costs charged, after joining the Android Training Institute in Bangalore ?
  • Is there any concession in the fees and Can I make payments on Instalment basis ?
  • Is it possible to learn from home ?

1) Who is eligible to learn Android Courses in Bangalore ?
All students who have basic knowledge of Computers and Programming can learn this course, as we conduct basic as well as advance level Android Courses in Bangalore. All students will learn from the scratch, so anybody can learn. There is no such qualification needed, just a basic knowledge of computer programming is enough.

2) Is there any loan facility at Android Training in Bangalore Rajajinagar ?
All Courses of our institute are very reasonable, so you do not have to bother about borrowing loans, you can pay fees easily without any hassles at our Android Training in Bangalore Rajajinagar. The same rule applies even to the android training in Bangalore jayanagar too.

3) How can Android Training in Bangalore Jayanagar help to get better career ?
Not just Android Training in Bangalore Jayanagar, but also at rajajinagar helps to get better career by making you expert in the course and thereby placing you in a reputed companies through our placement programmes.

4) Can I get Certificate after completion of the course ?
Yes Of-course. We will provide certificate to all our students who pursue their course successfully at any of our branches at Bangalore city.

5) How many batches are available per day ?
Currently, we are conducting 5-6 batches, and can be increased further depending upon the number of students, and their requirements. There are students who are free full day, and can easily shift to any batches. Whereas, there are students who are full-time professionals and do not get time to attend particular batch, we conduct. So, we will shift students in different batches as per the convenience of the students.

6) Can I attend the next batch, if I miss the class ?
Sure. We will arrange you to the next batch, but you have to inform us earlier before shifting to any batch.

7) Are you going to conduct tests, and what happens if I miss the test ?
Obviously, we do keep tests every weekend, 15 days and every month to know how much you have learnt from our training programme. In case, you miss any test, we will take test individually, so you will never escape from tests.

8) Are there any hidden costs charged, after joining the Android Training Institute in Bangalore ?
No Never. Once, you register with our Android Training Institute in Bangalore, your job is over; there are no hidden fees as such.

9) Is there any concession in the fees and Can I make payments on Instalment basis ?
Sure. We do understand about the bad financial conditions, and we facilitate our students by doing proper arrangement in the fee structure, and the payment mode as well. Our students are always free to make payments on an instalment basis.

10) Is it possible to learn from home ?
People who can learn from our institute can learn through our live classroom. Suppose, you are outside Bangalore, and have keen interest to learn from us, but difficult for you to stay in Bangalore, you can even learn from home as well, via online; if you feel comfortable learning online.


Online demo of a session will be avaliable soon. Take a look at a few screenshots of our portal used in training.

Uttara Learning Portal

Evaluation Portal

Course details

We cover Core Java and JEE in the Java Foundation Course. We teach right from the basics of OOPs to advanced concepts of Java, JEE and OOAD. The focus is given to the fundamentals and internals to get indepth knowhow. The idea is take a candidate with limited programming knowledge to become a fairly confident and competent software developer.

The aim of the course is to provide foundational knowledge in Software Development using OO techniques, using Java as the programming language whereby a candidate will become equipped to independently come up with best practice solutions, given a problem domain!

You will be able to clear SCJP/OCJP and SCWCD/OCWCD  certifications after the training!

Come drop in for a free demo class to experience innovative learning!

Core Java
  • Detailed Java lang features
  • Exceptions
  • I/O
  • Collections
  • Threads
  • Design Patterns
  • IDE - Eclipse
  • HTTP,HTML,XML basics
  • Servlets
  • JSP
  • SQL
  • JDBC
  • MVC
  • Java Beans
  • EJB and EMI Basics
  • Ajax and JavaScript
  • Frameworks (Struts 2.x , Hibernate)
  • Best Practices
  • 30 Sessions
  • Java Project
  • 30 Sessions
  • J2EE Project
  • Struts 2 Project
  • 3.5 months
  • 3.5 months
  • 3.5 months
  • 3.5 months
  • Weekday Classes
  • (Morning / Afternoon / Evening)
  • Weekend Classes
Course Type
  • Live / AudioVisual
  • Content
  • 130 hours theory
  • + 40 hours video
  • + Live practicals

A high level overview of the course contents is given above. However if you are interested to know more, we invite you to use the Enquire Now section - upon giving your email id, we shall send over a detailed course coverage document.


We believe it is not enough to just conduct good classes for a candidate to become good in any topic. We believe that a learning ecosystem is required to learn exceptionally. And thats what we provide in Uttara!

What does the Uttara Learning Ecosystem provide? Comprehensive "best" quality content.

We start from scratch. Impetus is given to fundamentals, internal working and in-depth know-how. For every topic we cover you will understand answers to questions When to use ,Where to use and How to use.

Only 1 faculty with 10+ years of development & 6+ years of training experience.

We believe very strongly that only a qualified person can train! We do not hire outsiders to train in our course!

Access to Uttara Learning Portal

Self learning is very important. We facilitate this with the use of the Portal. Using the Portal, one can:

  • Take self-assessment tests per topic!
  • Ask queries / read answers to frequetly asked questions
  • Apply to openings
  • Participate in collaborative knowledge exchange
  • Find out what interview questions are being asked in companies
  • Find solutions to many recurring problems in programming
  • Access best quality material, per topic!
Access to Lab and library for as long as anyone needs

We believe that each individual learns at a different rate. Hence what is essential is to provide a learning system that can adapt to each ones learning rate.

Access to videos & audio

How to learn programming of a concept? We first teach the theoritical concepts in class and then show how to implement using videos! If you want to recap the content, you get to access Audio of every class which will help you to ensure that no topic is left un-understoop!

Other benefits you get :
Career path mapping

Get qualitative feedback on Career management,

Jobs via Portal

We have a number of companies interested in hiring our best trained candidates. Want to be the next one hired?

Mock interviews/tests

Learn best practice strategies to follow during interviews. Take mocks and become confident!

Building resume/facing interview

What to do and what not to do when you build a resume?

Repeat any class, anytime

This is key to ensuring that you do not miss out on any content!

Learn throughout the day

Access content in lab / through home to learn as fast as you can

Regular evaluations with feedback

Take tests to evalutate your knowledge

Uttara Learning Portal

Apart from other said benefits, be a part of Uttara even after finishing the course and learn continously

Training methodology

What are the qualities of a successful software engineer today?

  • Has a solid foundation on software programming (master one OO language)
  • Has to be able to communicate effectively (both written and oral!)
  • Should be able to take a problem statement into a best practice solution!
  • Should have independent learning capability
What can make this possible (to become a successful software engineer)?
  • Training on foundations of an OO language, with in-depth internal working know how!
  • Be exposed to not only training but also best practices followed in development
  • Access to self-evaluation and know where you stand and what needs improvement
  • A project implementation to demonstrate learning

We provide all these. We make learning easy. We provide an ecosystem where any candidate can become ‘very good’ in software development using Object Oriented technologies and achieve all the above!

Our training methodology involves the following:

  • Take candidates through concepts focusing on fundamentals, giving examples through real world analogies (make learning fun!)
  • Get the candidates to understand how to take a concept to a program implementation by exposing them to video screencasts (view at own time)
  • Make the candidate develop strength by doing exercises per topic and taking self-evaluation tests per topic! (learn by your own rate)
  • Expose the candidate to a end-to-end project implementation

We have implemented this in our Java Foundation Course using technology and our learning of how best to impart technology training.

If you follow the Uttara Learning Process,

You will become a Java master!

Well versed with best practises.

You will become a qualitative software developer

Capable of clearing any interview, building solutions with best practices followed in the industry!

You will have confident career

You will find yourself in a position to apply for development jobs, in any company you want

About faculty

We have only 1 faculty for the Java course. His name is Vikram Shastry. You can get to know all about his personal profile in LinkedIn by clicking below.

Vikram has 10 years of software development experience and 7 years of teaching experience. It is the combination of the two that makes his training come alive. Take a demo today to experience his method of training.

My passion is to train and build applications. I consider myself blessed to be able to combine the two and offer this course.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is placement assured for anyone who joins the course?
  • What happens if I miss a session?
  • Can I shift batches (weekend -> weekday and vice versa)?
  • I have less percentage in my academics. Will that affect my chances of a placement?
  • Will faculty change during a course?
  • Should I finish C/C++ before I learn Java. What is the prerequisite to learn Java?
  • Do I need to have CS degree for me to learn Java well?

Is placement assured for anyone who joins the course?

No it is not. We do not assure placements. We only give assurance on quality of our training. We however know that if you follow our learning process for 3-4 months time, the chances of placement increases drastically. Also we have campus hiring from many companies on a monthly basis which will provide you opportunities. And we believe if you become strong enough in what you have learnt, you do not need to worry about placements. They will happen to you! We would like to believe that our learning process is so advanced that if you follow it to the hilt, you can get yourself placed in any company you like!

What happens if I miss a session?

All sessions are pre-recorded and made available to you in the lab to address such a scenario. You can go through any missed session before the next one commences, at your own time. The special AudioWare that we have built will assist you in ensuring that no concepts are left un-understood.

Can I shift batches (weekend -> weekday and vice versa)?

In general yes, you can! However we will use discretion on a case to case basis to permit this. We are committed to ensuring that anyone who is interested in learning is given every opportunity to do so.

I have less percentage in my academics. Will that affect my chances of a placement?

Yes and No! Some companies look for min aggregate percentage as a filtering mechanism, which we might not be able to change (but we do try!).
However we tend to believe that past does not affect the future! So it is our stand that if you become good in what you learn and demonstrate it in tests, project implementation, etc then we should be able to convince a couple of companies to give you a chance at an interview process. We believe you becoming good or not depend only on your actions today. So it is our suggestion that you do not brood over the past (as it is unchangeable anyways!) and take matter into your own hands and start learning now! We think all it requires a candidate to prove his mettle is one opportunity and our Placement Center will try its best to get you one, provided you have demonstrated good attitude towards learning.

Will faculty change during a course?

No. We have only one faculty for Java for the last 7 years and that is not going to change anytime soon!

Should I finish C/C++ before I learn Java. What is the prerequisite to learn Java?

You should ideally be exposed to programming practices before you try to learn Java. Even elementary programming done in your graduation is sufficient as the course is structured to take the candidates through the basics. So you need not be punter in C/C++ before you begin to learn Java. If you are using software regularly and know basics of what is RAM, CPU, a program, basic construts, etc, you are good to go!

In case you have some time before the course, we suggest you read HeadFirst Programming This will give you a good headsup to the course.

Do I need to have CS degree for me to learn Java well?

It does not matter if you are from the Computer Science discipline, if you are a new graduate, if you are still studying, if you are already working or if you have not worked/ studied in a long time! If you have the attitude to learn, we will show you how!

  • Placement drive in ZeeSense, Estuate, Automated Workflow, Autonomy going on currently for Uttarites!
  • On going placement drives by WonderWorks, BeWo, SimPragma and more
  • 4 candidates placed in Veninore
  • Uttara has started VC training. Candidates can attend classes in Rajajinagar or Jayanagar at the same time.
  • Uttara is planning to expand!
  • Uttara develops WishStix product for FaceBook / iPhone / Android
  • 5 candidates placed in Samartha InfoTech

" Interesting thing to be mentioned here is that almost all the students in my batch were mechanical engineers with little or no knowledge on oracle but each one of them have managed to etch out a carreer in IT. "
- Prabhanjan Shetty, TESCO

" After completing my MCA I did not know much about Java, after joining Uttara I got a strong hold on Core Java as well as J2EE. "
- Charandeep G K, Infinite Computer Solutions

" The scenarios that are discussed and the questions they solve are very very good and important for someone to build and develop a career in Java/J2EE "
- Vinay Kumar, Tech Mahindra

" Now when I code I do it with a greater confidence and knowledge of how stuff works behind the scenes. "
- Suma Bhat, FMR India

  • Morning 7am to 9am batch Core Java
  • Evening 4.30pm to 7.30 pm batch in March 2017
  • Morning 10am to 1pm batch
  • Android Batch
  • Datastructures & Algorithms Weekend batch from November 1st Week
  • Introducing Java for 9th and 10th Std Students
  • Audio Visual Batch on Java
  • Weekend batch